Are you smiling yet?

My name is Simon and I founded Simon Says Smile™, because I don’t just believe but know that photos are magical and more and more important.

Great photographs produce emotional responses which make life all the more richer and which transcend the technology used to take them.

Photography is a science and an art and the intent of our photography and video work is to bring a smile to those who see our work and to explore that alchemy.

This is what we call Photos With Feelings™.

We’ve formed a network of creative geniuses that span Photo, Video & Media and who have worked around the world on incredible projects.

Whether you’re looking to get your first headshot, plan and execute a whole new creative vision or even create promotional or educational or entertaining video and film work.. We’re here to help.

We have a great network of associates and partners in the UK and around the world, which is diverse and experienced to suit scope and budget – from exciting new students to award-winning photo journalists, creatives, directors and DOPs.


  • Headshots / Portraits – for websites, projects & more – a great portrait is a great tool to help boost your self-esteem and feel great. Click here now to learn more about headshots
  • Media – Creating something.. from nothing or from inspiration – for fun, business and other possibilities – you maybe surprised what can be done
  • Digital Video – helping you share you story and message online
  • Cityscapes – from London to San Francisco, Bangkok to Toronto – the city is a great place to find beauty, and we love revealing it
  • Abstracts – the universe is organic and in every detail is a universe unto itself – we love to craft abstract images that get you thinking

Remember.. a photograph is not governed by what exists in space and time, but by the imagination of the photographer.

Enjoy and Explore,


Simon Hedley
Founder: Simon Says Smile™